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In the mid-1980s, a group of families from Tullahoma formed a Bible study group with the hopes of planting a reformed Presbyterian church. In 1988, the Lord blessed our efforts and we formally incorporated as Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) Tullahoma. Our original members gathered to worship and fellowship in a small, rented storefront facility in the center of Tullahoma.

In 1989, CPC connected with Tom Prather to inquire of his interest in preaching for the small congregation of families. Tom, along with his wife Pat, made the weekly Sunday drive from Russellville, Alabama, to Tullahoma, Tennessee. In 1991, Tom Prather was ordained and officially installed as the Teaching Elder (TE) of CPC.

In 1994, the Nashville Presbytery was formed out of the Tennessee Valley Presbytery and CPC became the southernmost church in the newly formed Presbytery. TE Len Hendrix was installed as Pastor of CPC, succeeding Tom Prather, who was soon after elected Pastor Emeritus. Tom and Pat are still worshipping at CPC today.

In January 2021, TE Len Hendrix honorably retired after 26 years of faithful service at CPC. He was unanimously elected to the role of Pastor Emeritus by the congregation. In March 2021, TE Bill Clark was received into the Nashville Presbytery to serve as CPC Interim Pastor. Bill continues to boldly and faithfully preach the Word of God from the pulpit of CPC today.

Priorities of this Church
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Church leadership

Ruling Elder Frank Wonder and his wife, Anne, have worshipped at Covenant Church since 2005. They have been married for 38 years and have one daughter, three sons, and two granddaughters. Frank served in the US Navy for 22 years and now works as an engineering manager at Arnold Air Force Base. He has served on the Session since 2006, and has been a Sunday School teacher, Pioneer Club leader, and worship leader. In 2010, he served on a two-week mission trip to India as part of the Nashville Presbytery’s Nation to Nation effort with MTW. He has been in The Gideons International since 2008 and currently serves as Tennessee Association President. He is honored to serve as Chairman of the Pastor Search Committee.


Ruling Elder Chris Connor and his wife, Gina, joined Covenant Church in 2006, along with their two sons and two daughters. Married in 1992, both Chris and Gina grew up in Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University. Chris served in the role of deacon at Covenant for eight years prior to his ordination as an elder in 2016. Chris has taught adult and youth Sunday School for over twenty years and currently teaches the youth (teen/college) Sunday School class at Covenant. Chris and children served on four mission trips to Wyoming, where the mission group conducted Bible/Soccer youth camps. Chris works at Jacobs Engineering and leads Business Development as a Vice President. For leisure, Chris enjoys coaching youth soccer, writing, and home projects.


Deacon Ray Cyr and his wife, Tammy, have worshipped at Covenant Presbyterian Church since 2012. They have been married for 25 years and have two daughters. Ray served in the US Navy for four years and presently works for the Veterans Health Administration. He has served as a deacon and the treasurer since 2016. He has also been involved in teaching and leading Sunday school classes for men. He and his wife together have taught children’s Sunday school classes and have been co-leaders in the youth ministry. Covenant Presbyterian Church is important to him and his family because, “Covenant Presbyterian is a Bible believing and teaching church, with opportunities for Christian growth that has a loving and supportive church family.“

Deacon Andrew Harding and his wife, Jennifer, have worshiped at Covenant since 2010. Having become members of the PCA under the teaching of Drs. Jim Baird and Ligon Duncan at First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, MS, they have sought the denomination's theological insight during their time in Florida, Georgia, and now Tennessee. They have been married for 27 years and have three children. Andrew works as a project manager at Sain Construction and Jennifer teaches middle school students at Winchester Christian Academy.

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